Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One upon a time in Mumbai

Once upon a time in Mumbai wasn’t half as bad I imagined it to be, a very well cast movie, engaging and I can put it in the watchable category. The movie does have it own share of cringe worthy moments but overall it can be ignored. Movie is all about the two gangsters in the 70s who take over the Mumbai underworld. Ajay Devgan and Emran are perfect in their roles as two gangsters with Kangana and Prachi as their love interests. The entire movie is a narration by the Randeep Hooda who plays the ACP. Its fast paced you don’t lose interest at any point and Ajay as Sultan Mirza is captivating as good hearted don.
The general view apart, little into the movie all I could concentrate on was Kangana’s winged eye makeup of the 70s style, loud n perfectly done. A lil further down I was trying to break her makeup wondering what she is wearing to get such perfect dewy look. Really liked the way they recreated the 70s fashion with polka dots, loud colors and disco. That was as much as I could get as her role takes a back seat in the second half and I was back concentrating on the actual movie. Just when I am trying to concentrate on the real issue of the movie I realize I can’t take my eyes of Randeep Hooda. He did a pretty good job as a determined ACP after the gangsters. I know I should have been watching Aisha for more such scoops on clothes n makeup but guess I can make do with the promos till some local channel airs it. And for others who are still wondering about the Once upon a .... , I think it’s a good time pass movie to watch over the weekend. Enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

So what do you think of this new blog?

Hello people here I am with a new blog which has finally come into existence after me spending a lot of time reading blogs and deciding hey I can do this too. I know the template looks all so girly :) but I just love the way it turned out. Everyone who knows me closely won’t be surprised at the pair of Jimmy Choos on the top, obviously one of my delightful obsessions :) and yellow I think is a happy color. But don’t you worry I assure you will find me blabbering on variety of things. I hope you enjoy reading it. And keep those comments coming.