Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Mad Rush

It all started when our train tickets to Hyderabad got confirmed just 90 minutes before the train's departure and all the mad rush began. Bro had not packed his luggage, dint have any printout of the tickets and yeah Indian Railways website had to go down at that very moment. Five minutes no luck with the site, we are like, "ok the waiting list ticket should do!". All packed and ready we decided to take brother’s two wheeler as we had very little time left and a heavy Bangalore traffic to battle with to reach the station. Just few minutes on the road and Gods think ok we haven’t put them through enough trouble yet “Let’s shower the rains on them!” I mean seriously!? no rains all day but just when we get out it had to rain not just rain it had to pour (Reminds me of Murphy’s Laws, somehow always right in my case). Completely drenched in just 2 minutes, our bags too, stuck in a mini traffic jam with everyone around giving us those strange looks probably wondering what’s up with these two. We were a total mess but the strange part is I just loved that ride, I can’t explain why but I just loved it. Ok the good news is we did make it to the station on time for the train. And also I was traveling in the train after a very long time, it was very comfortable and I really enjoyed the journey. So lets just say all's well that ends well!