Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eyelash curler and the Experiment

When I got home after meeting these new girlfriends from work, I felt all good and refreshed, that’s when it hit me on how much I missed all my gal pals . I had just spent an evening talking of all the girly stuff, something which I had not done in a long long time. Yeah we do need our dose girly chat from time to time, I realized. Its fun to discuss clothes, cosmetics, skin and all the blah without, any scorns around you. And also my Oriflame eyelash curler arrived that day, many of ladies on blogosphere swear by it, so I decide to give it a try. Back home, I really wasn’t sure how to use it and yeah it did look like some kind of surgical instrument as described by a cousin. I just loved his reaction when I showed him the curler, he had this shocked look on his face and yelled at me to keep it away from him when I tried experimenting it on him. Received a same reaction from mom too .  On seeing dipping interest levels everyone showed on my new accessory, I gave up and tried it on myself. After two minutes of figuring out how to hold it, I did get the right way to use it. And yeah it did make a difference, or wait did I just make myself believe that it worked?? Hmm Maybe I need a second opinion, I thought. Mom? No use, she can never really concentrate on anything else when her soaps are running.So I asked my cousin if he sees any change he goes like “hmm.. I think you can only notice some difference if you look closely”. Maybe I dint press the curler hard enough I thought again. I gave it another go, ok now I did notice curved lashes. Really happy with my successful experiment I asked him to check again and he repeats the same verdict. Moral of the story just be happy with your judgment and do not rely on the insights of male species on these matters, as they are usually of very lil help. Then he grabbed it and started inspecting it, I thought oh so now he likes it, and then I saw that he was only amused by the mere mechanics of it. Grabbed it back worried he might break it while his inspection :). Now after repeated experiment I have learnt to use it properly and now I know why it is a must have accessory, so loving it now.